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Mammootty as "Kallakamukan"

Mammootty as "Kallakamukan" in Johny Antony's new film...

More news available soon...

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Super Star Rajinikanth hospitalized for second time

 Superstar Rajinikanth has been hospitalized for second. On Wednesday night “Rana” Actor was admitted in St.Isabel hospital in Chennai.

This is for second time in week; he was admitted in hospital due to bronchitis allergy and high fever.

According to the hospital sources, it is described that, he will be in the sickbay for two more days and his condition is quite stable as of now.

His family members urged his fans not to make rumpus at hospital surrounding as he need more rest.

On April 29th, Rajini and discharged on the same day due to dehydration and overtiredness.

Lets we all pray for his speedy recovery.

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Actress Meenakchi Kailash

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Kadha Thudarunnu Malayalam film review

Director Sathyan Anthikkad treads through his usual path of family saga with a mix of melodrama, clich├ęd lines and all the ingredients in the formula, yet again.

That's the first thing which comes to your mind as you watch his latest film, Kadha Thudarunnu. Yes, there is an okay storyline here and the film has its moments for sure, but the problem is the old-fashioned way it has been packaged.

Shanavas Ahmad (Asif Ali), a key board player and Vidyalakshmi (Mamta Mohandas) marries against the wishes of their families. They are left on their own and a song later, they have a cute little daughter. Tragedy strikes soon, when some goonda gangs kill Shanavas by mistake and Vidya has virtually no where to go from then on.

Some dramatic turnarounds happens and she meets a virtuous auto-driver Preman (Jayaram), who takes her to his modest colony. Quite a few interesting characters played by KPAC Lalitha, Innocent, Mamukoya, Lakshmipriya, Chembil Asokan and so on takes the story ahead for a while. Now, Vidya soon becomes a part of their lives and they change her life as well.

Now, if you are not looking forward to some experiments, love watching those mushy tearjerkers on TV and your concept is somewhere on the lines of those Sooraj Barjatya kind of films where the lead characters all come in an often unbelievable shades of white, chances are that you can find this one fine enough. Perhaps Sathyan too is not there to prove a point and is happy repeating his trademark style as well!

There are some touching situations in the film but then, the storyline itself moves ahead in a rather predictable way. However, it is to the credit of the director that he has narrated a story from the point of view of a woman, which is a rarity during these times.

Mamta Mohandas has a challenging role at her hands and she handles it pretty fine as well. Jayaram has nothing much to do, but the film gets out of its sluggish pace only after his character arrives almost close to the first half.

Asif Ali gets a good platform but his chemistry with Mamta is rather disappointing on screen. Baby Anikha, who plays Vidyalakshmi's daughter, looks cute. The supporting characters look perhaps like those stereotyped ones in any story of this nature. Venu's camera is fine and Ilaiyaraja's tunes are quite good.

It is meant for those easily-moved, over-sentimental sorts who are not at the theatres to bother too much about its script or style. It's not in the league of the director's own Bhagyadevatha, which came out last year, and suffers when he tries a bit too hard to make it unbelievably idealistic at times. Fine, may be, but could have been better!

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